Breeding and Showing Silkies: Making It To Champion Row


The drive for this book on Silkies was to produce a publication for the Silkie exhibitor and enthusiast that would essentially serve as a companion to the American Poultry Association’s American Standard of Perfection and American Bantam Association’s Bantam Standard.

Breeding and Showing Silkies: Making it to Champion Row provides clear and concise information coupled with picture comparisons that enables the reader to easily grasp the traits that make a Silkie a real show contender or one that is in need of improvement. Each of the traits is discussed then picture comparisons are provided so that the reader gets a visual of what the trait should look like along with examples where birds need improvement. Also covered are breeding strategies, housing and conditioning Silkies, information from a judge’s perspective, parasites and other ailments, and much more. 80 Pages

Written by: Jeff Duguay, Marty McGuire, and Tony Davis, Jr.

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