2024 ABA Yearbook Advertisement Space


The 2024 ABA Yearbook… Let’s be a part of it and represent our club and breed!!!

The American Silkie Bantam Club would like to submit some Collective Pages to represent our club. A Collective Page is a full page (4.375″W X 7.5625″ H); Made up of six individual square ads plus the top 1/4 page will have our club header.

The ABA Yearbook is mailed to all paid-up ABA members as part of their membership. It contains comprehensive show results, educational articles, what’s new, and other member submissions. We invite you to place your ad with us today.

We have partnered with PayPal to take credit card payments securely online and eliminate the need to mail checks. The difference in the mail order price reflects a handling fee to provide this service.

Please don’t delay… DEADLINE 5/01/2024

(Color Ads Only)

Full Page
4 1/2″w x 7 1/4″h (4.375″w x 7.5625″h)
Color $251.70

1/4 Page Double Block
4 3/8″w x 1 7/8″h (4.375″w x 1.875″h)
Color $83.40

1/8 Page Single Block
2 3/16″w x 1 7/8″h (2.1875″ w x 1.875″h)
Color $41.95

Email the photo to:
*Subject-2024 AD ABA”