Meets Secretary & Show Meets

ASBC places meets at the request of club members. If you would like to have a meet, please submit to the ASBC's Meets Secretary the following information: (missing information will delay approval)

  1. Show Secretary’s contact information -(name and address, phone number, or email address) 
  2. Show name and hosting club
  3. Location (city and state)
  4. Date of show and Type of Meet

ASBC's Meets Secretary will contact the show official to set up the meet and send the paperwork necessary.

REQUEST A MEET By Mail - click here

Meet Secretary Contact Info:
Kate Morreale
PO Box 280
Hardwick, MA 01037
phone: 413-477-8872

For all meets, we encourage Exhibitors to print out a Show Report Form and bring it along to the show and fill it out and send it in to ASBC's Points Secretary. This will help expedite the show reports.

Type of Meets:

  1. Special Meets Any show can hold a special meet.
  2. State Meet Each state can have 1 state meet per year.
  3. District Meet Each district can have 1 district meet per year and is handled through the district director.
  4. National Meet Western/Eastern nationals are held once each year. Bids are  welcomed and received by Meets Secretary.