American Silkie Bantam Club Points System

How Often are Points Updated?
Points are updated once every quarter

How Do I know if my show was updated?
You can check the "reported Show" File
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Master Breeders Program

The list denotes Master Breeder Points accumulated by Variety. To receive Master Breeder status in any variety the exhibitor must receive 100 points over not less than 5 years. 
Those that meet the requirements will be awarded a beautiful jacket, embroidered with the club logo, as well as the name and the year the accomplishment was achieved. 

Points are awarded as follows: 

  • Reserve Variety = 1
  • Best of Variety = 2
  • Reserve Breed = 3
  • Best of Breed = 4
  • Reserve Featherleg = 5
  • Champion FL = 6
  • Reserve Bantam = 7
  • Best Bantam = 8
  • Reserve of Show = 9
  • Show Champ = 10

Master Exhibitors Program

How are points calculated?
All placings reported from Reserve Variety on up receive a designated amount of points. The Point structure for tallying points for ASBC Members with reported placings in ASBC Meets:

Best Of Variety: 10 points x # of Silkies shown IN THAT VARIETY
Reserve of Variety: 5 points x # of Silkies shown IN THAT VARIETY
Best of Breed: 15 points x TOTAL SILKIES SHOWN
Reserve of Breed: 10 points x TOTAL SILKIES SHOWN
Best FeatherLeg 100 pts
Featherleg Res. 50 pts
Best Bantam: 200 pts
Reserve Bantam: 100 pts
Champion: 300 pts
Reserve Champion: 250 pts