ASBC Master Exhibitors

Master Exhibitors Program

 Master Exhibitor Program
When a member accumulates over 10,000 points, over a period of not less than 5 years, he or she will be awarded  ASBC Master Exhibitor status. Competition is limited to members of the club. Members must be in good standing of the ASBC in order to accrue points and receive awards. Those that meet the requirements will be awarded a beautiful tote embroidered with the club logo, as well as the name and the year the accomplishment was achieved. Points are earned according to the following:

• Best Of Variety: 10 points x Number of Silkies shown IN THAT VARIETY
• Reserve of Variety: 5 points x Number of Silkies shown IN THAT VARIETY
• Best of Breed: 15 points x TOTAL SILKIES SHOWN
• Reserve of Breed: 10 points x TOTAL SILKIES SHOWN
• Feather Leg Champion 100 points
• Feather Leg Res. Champion 50 points
• Champion Bantam: 200 points
• Reserve Champion Bantam: 150 points
• Show Champion: 300, Reserve show: 250 points (when standards and/or waterfowl are present)
• Only 1 Master Exhibitor Award prize will be given to a member.
• When Master Exhibitor status is achieved they will be listed in the next newsletter and posted on the ASBC website.
•NSV Points
NSV points shall be added to Master Exhibitors totals only. No Master Breeder points shall be given to any NSV.
NSV is defined as any variety not recognized in the Standards of either ABA or APA. Correct term is Non Standard Variety.

•Best NSV = 10 points X total number of NSV entered.
•Reserve NSV = 5 points X total number of NSV entered.
•If judging fails to choose a Best or Reserve NSV or if Best or Reserve NSV are not marked on show report sheet no points shall be given. 

The individuals below have achieved the level of Master Exhibitor.
Alison Abbott
David Beams
Ed & Marjorie Best
Kim Breakfield / KB Silkies
Michele Burns
Chickedee Farms
Aimee Crego
Billye Davis
Dale Dionne
Barbara Dodington
Nancy & Tim Edwards
Shari & John Evans
Jack Ferguson
Brandon Finney
Kristin Macha Finney
John Fitzgerald
Brenda Gambill
Shanna Gardner
Barbara Grubb
Robert Hardina
Linda Harrison
Vickie Harry
Sharon Honea
Leslie Johns
Paige Kleckner
Karen Larson
Judy Lee
Martha Light
Jenny & Mike Linton
Shari McCullough
Kimberly McDaniel
Marty McGuire
Tyler Messer
George Mihalik
Andrew Miles
Kate Morreale
P&G Silkies
Shorty Polston
Bobbi & Sal Porto
Ann & Jimmie Ray / Mtn Creek
Christopher Rob
Valerie Roundtree
Suze Scott
Cara Smith
Anh Stanley
Deb Steinberg
Jonathan Stone
Sugarfields Poultry
Eddy Travers
Patricia Vento
Jennifer Vidmar
Dianne Weer
Kevin & Diane Werner
Janet Winnet

Grand Master Exhibitors
This list denotes Grand Master Exhibitor Points accumulated from Reserve Variety and up. To receive Grand Master Exhibitor status, exhibitor must have received 100,000 points over not less than 5 years.

The individuals below have achieved this level of Grand Master Exhibitor
Kate Morreale