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Junior Program
The Junior Program shall be for youth between the ages of 6 through 17/18. At the age of 17/18 following High School Graduation, juniors shall be moved into the Adult Membership and will no longer receive junior points. All points earned as a Junior will be sealed and shall not transfer to the adult program. Membership for individual Members as well as Juniors shall be $20.91 per year. Junior membership can also be received through Family membership of $26.06 per year.

1. To pursue the growth and knowledge of our youth members in the ASBC.
2. To teach and educate breeding, exhibiting and showmanship of the Silkie Bantam.
3. To reward our youth for their achievements through the ASBC.

Junior Director Duties

To maintain all records of the Junior Program and to grow it as needed. Act as a welcoming committee to all new Junior Members. Keep points records for Junior Achievement Program and know when Jr. Master Breeder’s points are earned. Oversee Scholarship program. Coordinate with the Awards Secretary to create awards for Junior Master Exhibitor and Junior Master Achievement Programs. Awards Secretary will order and send out all awards to juniors who have achieved award status. Create a welcome package for all new juniors and send them out. Director may also assist the National Meet Committees to develop awards for juniors at National Meets. Submit 4 articles per year for the junior section of the ASBC quarterly newsletter and the website. Articles are due in January, April, July, October. Send all correspondence through the ASBC email or address.

Note: District Director and State Representatives should create their own junior awards for special, state and district meets’ in their area.

Junior Master Exhibitor

Master Exhibitor status will be reached when a junior member earns 5,000 points. Points will be from show wins, participation in showmanship, and must work with an adult mentor. Showmanship points shall be 100 points per completed class, a signed sheet by a show official must be turned into Junior Director, via the ASBC email or address, to receive points. To receive Mentor points, 100 additional points shall be received (one time only) when an adult mentor has been chosen and recorded on the membership form and turned into the Junior Director, via the ASBC email or address. All show wins must be recorded on ASBC show reports and turned into Points Director. All show points shall be awarded by the same points system used for the general Master Exhibitor program. A letter of conformation must also be received from mentor to receive award once points have been achieved. Award shall be issued within 6 months of earning achievement. Award for Master Exhibitor shall be choice of a hooded jacket or duffle bag with ASBC logo and a certificate.

Junior Master Achievement

Junior Master Achievement status will be reached when a junior member earns 6,000 points. This shall be achieved from points earned from performing and being active in ASBC and in one or more of these organizations ABA, APA, 4-H, FFA. All Juniors should adopt a mentor to aid them in learning their skills to breed, raise and show Silkie Bantams. Documents of these actives will need to be filled out, signed, and turned into the Junior Director via the ASBC email or address, to receive credit points.  Award for Master Achievement shall be a certificate and an ASBC Patch.

Points System
1. Joining any of these organizations: ABA, APA, 4-H and / or FFA. Total awarded 100 points one time only.
2. Choosing a Mentor: Total awarded 100 points one time only.
3. Showmanship: Total awarded 100 points per each showmanship form completed per show.

Scholarship Award

A scholarship award shall be earned by a deserving Junior Member at the end of
his / her membership as a Junior. To earn the scholarship award, Junior members who are of the age of 17/18 (graduating from High School) and will be moving to Adult level membership, will be required to show proof of college entry, write and send in an essay to the following email  Attention: Junior Director,  by March 31, senior year.

If more than one candidate qualifies, the Junior Director shall send all essays to the ASBC Board of Directors to choose the winner, with their input. Up to 2 Scholarship Awards can be awarded in each year. Award for Scholarship shall be not more than $200.00 and not less than $100.00.

Note: Award will be determined by quality of essay and will be received only when proof of college entry is received. If more than one essay is entered, the Board of Directors may choose to award 2 scholarships in the amount of $100 each.

A separate financial record shall be kept by the ASBC Sec / Tres. for Junior monies and reported to the Board at regular meetings and copies sent to the Junior Director for budgeting.

  1. Monies for Junior financing shall come from a portion of Junior Membership, or portion of Family Membership. That includes not more than $5.00 of membership fee and any monies collected or specified for the Junior Program. All monies will be deposited in the ASBC PayPal or ASBC bank account as received.
  2. Monies are spent only by Junior Director and full account of receipts shall be mailed to ASBC Sec / Tres by email or address.

Note: If you are part of a Family Membership and your children are listed as part of your membership, they are automatically a part of the Junior Program and eligible for all junior points and awards.


Contact Information

Attention Michelle Patterson
P. O. Box 1162
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Junior Director
Shari Evans
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Downloadable PDF Files
Junior Program By Laws 
Junior Program Membership & Mentor Application
Junior Program Showmanship Form