A Brief History of Our Club

Throughout its history, The American Silkie Bantam Club has worked to promote Silkies in the United States. In 1923, the Bearded Silkie Club was organized in Ohio. For several, it was essentially a local club because bearded Silkies were relatively new and mainly bred in Ohio. Through the efforts of dedicated breeders, Bearded Silkies gained much popularity in the showroom, and interest in the club locally and throughout The United States increased.

 During this time, there had been requests from breeders of Non-Bearded and colored Silkies to join the club and make a national organization encompassing all varieties of Silkies. After several meetings and hammering out the details, at last, all committee members worked out a comprehensive plan on January 17, 1932, and The American Silkie Bantam Club was born.

 The ASBC has always promoted the breeding and exhibiting of the Silkie Bantams and has always advocated the breeding of Silkies to conform to the Standards as closely as possible. The ASBC has worked to educate Silkie owners and has expanded its role on a worldwide level with the advent of the internet. Through our message board discussion group, we help educate newcomers into the fancy and we can exchange ideas with others around the world. We find that we as breeders face many of the same challenges that other breeders the world over must address.

 Just recently, there has been a trend back towards keeping chickens in urban areas. Since the 1940s, poultry has all but disappeared in the cities when at one time every backyard had a small flock. Interest in keeping chickens has increased and with space becoming more and more confined, many people have discovered the wonderful Silkie Bantam even fits in as a member of the household and adapts quite well to the confines of city life. They are indeed a “people’s chicken!”