Announcement #1

ASBC 2021 Western Nationals, Fayetteville , Arkansas. Open judge was Amanda Stallman , she was highly impressed with the quality of the Silkies! Junior judge was Nate Rynish.
It was a great day for our Silkie breed ! This show was also the APA Nationals. Thank you to HOTOPA for hosting a wonderful show.
I would like to thank Dulsey Jindra for doing a fabulous job organizing and providing beautiful awards! A great selection of raffle items and gift bags for all exhibitors. Also want to thank Megan Patent-Nygren , Kristy Williams Stringer and Sue Layne for all your support and help.

A special Thank You to Jen Pike for the BB , RB Silkie statues and the ribbon centers.
A special Thank You to Deanna of Cotton Patch Silkies for designing and providing the wonderful NSV ribbons.


Open Show

– Shorty Polston -Grand Champion of Show with a White Bearded Silkie Hen
– Micheal Tarvin -Reserve Breed with a Bearded White Silkie Pullet

Trio award by show:

– Michael Tarvin -Reserve Champion of Show with his Bearded White Silkie Trio

Non Standard Variety (NSV)

– Paige Kleckner -Best NSV with Bearded Blue Partridge Silkie Hen
– Paige Kleckner -Reserve NSV with a Bearded Chocolate Silkie Pullet


Top 5 in Show

  1. Shorty Polston -Bearded White Hen
  2. Michael Tarvin -Bearded White Pullet
  3. Christopher Rob -Bearded Blue Hen
  4. Ashley Dixon -Bearded Buff Hen
  5. Michael Tarvin -Bearded White Cockerel


– Madison Ely -Grand Champion of Show with a Bearded White Silkie Pullet
– Coley Potter – Reserve Feather Leg with a Bearded White Silkie Hen


Top 2 in Show
1 Madison Ely -Bearded White Pullet
2 Coley Potter -Bearded White Hen

Open Show

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