100th Year Calendar

Hey Silkie Club Members! Our 100th anniversary for the ASBC is next year in 2023! In order to commemorate this historical event we are going to create a calendar with photos of your Silkies that will be available for purchase later this year.  

Please read all rules prior to submitting photos. If photos are submitted that do not meet the requirements, we will remove them from the running.

*All current club members in good standing may participate
*Each member may submit up to 3 photos from your own personal stock so choose wisely.
*Photos must be taken high resolution, cropping is NOT preferred, if your photo is chosen the calendar editor will crop your photo as needed. Photos chosen will be displayed along with your name or your farm name so be sure to include this important info in your email submissions!
*All photos should be pulled from your album, NOT from Facebook or other social media platforms as resolution quality is degraded. If your photo is blurry or pixilated it cannot be used.
*All standard variety photos include black, blue, buff, gray, paint, partridge, self blue, splash, white, white bearded naked neck. These photos will be used as priority photos. 
*NSV photos are welcome, be sure to identify the color (cuckoo, blue partridge, paint NN, etc.)
*All photos for each variety will be submitted anonymously to the ASBC board to vote which images shall be used.
*Members have until June 30th to submit their photos. 
*Submit photos to 2023asbcphotos@gmail.com

Tips for taking photos of your birds:
1) Outdoor photos (natural environment) – Photos of darker birds taken in early morning or right before sunset are best as they allow for more details and highlights (esp. for black birds). 
2) If taking photos outside be sure to allow the bird to roam for a while and eat grass and move about. Trying to take a good pic of a Silkie that has been freed is almost impossible as their head will be down in the grass or dirt looking for food. A full Silkie is more prone to standing still than a hungry one.
3) Keep your back to the sun so that there are no shadows that obscure the bird or background.
4) Set up a photo area that is appealing. A photo of your pretty bird standing in old dirty shavings is not appealing so make sure the area is clean and free of debris or distractions.
5) Themed photos (Christmas, Halloween, etc) are welcome. 

Remember, these photos will represent 100 years of breeding and the display of our precious and wonderful Silkies, so take your time and give it your best shot! If you have additional questions feel free to pm Dulsey Jindra or email the above email.


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